Margaret Edwards Jones

As one travels through life, one has things that fire a passion and drive in each of us. Some don’t find this passion until later on in life and others have it from the very beginning, driving the very fiber of their being.

Choices are made and adjustments occur to our lifestyles but our passions remain the same. Sometimes dormant while other things take precedence, but always this low burning urge to have it rekindle is always present.

This is how I live my life. My passion for what I do has always been there. Since my first pony at the age of three – even when at the age of five I got kicked in the face by that very said pony, my mother thought my fancy would wane and that would be the end of the horse craze. But all that did was solidify how I felt and the determination grew even stronger.

My walls as a teenager were not covered in pictures of boys and bands and all the latest trends but a giant collage of horses in various disciplines and wild and roaming free as well. One whole wall was dedicated to just this like a star struck fan! The other walls then held the precious ribbons that I had won on my most wonderful of steeds and of course pictures of them and I.

Times are not always easy and hard work is the norm in this lifestyle but that is what it is; a lifestyle. Not a job or a means to an end, this is how I chose to live my life. Do I have other goals, oh yes, always to improve and progress in my training and breeding programs and to hopefully one day not have quite so much work and responsibility to the farm that I may have a bit of free time to enjoy other things in this world.

My satisfaction is seeing a horse go to its new home and the new owners call me months later telling me how much fun they are having and that they are doing things they never even dreamed of with their horse. Seeing my students do well at the horse shows provides me with complete satisfaction as well as knowing they are having as good a time just being there as they do on performance.

Someone once said to me “picture yourself at 90 then look back at your life and if you are happy then your life has been good – if not CHANGE IT!”

Margaret Edward Jones


I keep this message close at hand on my computer
and invite you to read it too!


Like water through your hands, a flood of dreams can pass through your mind in just an instant. To chose but one of those dreams to chase and bring to life is the dilemma of them all. For in every choice there is a sacrifice of what the alternative would have brought. And to not choose is in itself a choice of consequence.

Yet all dreams remain just that, until we challenge ourselves buy putting a time limit on our choice. For only then does our dream become a goal. Many choose one that is too easily attainable and are left feeling empty and uncertain in waking – but in sleep, they dream. And the choices begin again…or were they as the dreams were…always there? ~ Kealey

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