A few words from our past clients:

I have been a lifelong equestrian competitor, breeder and farm owner. However, in 2012 I fell from a horse fracturing 3 vertebra, and disarticulating my ankle. In that instant, my life and my relationship with horses changed. In December, I moved my 4 year old “new” mare to Margaret for training. I gave her the auspicious task of making us into a competitive dressage team—the horse had no dressage training, and I was riddled with fear. No small feat.

Margaret has responded with compassion, humor and boundless patience. Her consistent and well laid out training program allows the horse to develop correctly, and confidently. I have seen my mare advance rapidly. Other horses that have had years of negative experiences, and bio-mechanical issues have settled into the program and improved in attitude and self carriage.

As a coach, Margaret offers a clear foundation to her rider. Her ability to transfer information is amazing to me—particularly the concepts related to feel that seem so elusive to amateurs. Our lessons begin with a clear definition of the goal for each session so that I may fully grasp the objective, and savor the accomplishment when we have achieved!  Her teaching and training are solidly rooted in Classical Dressage.

As a Barn Manager, Margaret loves and cares for each of the horses in a manner that indicates she has truly connected with each of them.  Whether it is the exciting new prospect or the aged retiree in our barn, she can easily tell me the particular quality of each horse. She reviews the management program frequently, making changes as each individual animal requires.

Carolyn Wood

Margaret Edward Jones is quite possibly, the best trainer I have come across in my 30 years of being around horses.

My gelding Cole came to Margaret with baggage, both mental and physical. That was in October 2012.

Today, Cole is a transformed horse. Everyone who knows Cole has marveled at how he has changed for the better. Not only will he stand still rather than ‘dance’, he will lunge and be ridden without fear for both he and the rider.

Physically, he arrived on Margaret’s doorstep with a body wracked with tension, and cramps, and pain, and dysfunction. He had a 2 beat canter. Now, he has body mass, muscular definition is pain free and can canter, as a horse should.

Marg personally, is also a delight to work with. Her sense of humor is wry, and her ability to put a rider at ease is apparent. What I find particularly unique about Margaret is her depth and breadth of knowledge not only about horses, but animals in general, and husbandry.

Her ability to manage a barn is as entrenched in her personality as it is in text books.

Margaret is also a wonderful teacher. My own experiences have readied me for Pre St George, and I have been fortunate to witness Marg with other riders who have much less fortunate pre-existing conditions (broken back) who have progressed far more quickly under her tutelage than expected.

Needless to say, I trust Margaret implicitly, and would recommend her highly to anyone and everyone.

Yours sincerely,

Jan Drogemuller

I have been a student of Margaret Edward-Jones for the past two years. It has no doubt been one of the best experiences in my horse career.

Margaret really takes an individual approach to both the horse and the rider. She taught me how to work with each horse according to their individual abilities in order to bring out the best in the horse. She knew exactly how to coach me along and how much to push both myself and the horses.

Margaret’s passion for her work is evident when working with her. She helped me find an appreciation for dressage and jumping and the effort and skill it takes for both horse and rider. Margaret has an abundance of knowledge and skill in the competitive horse world and it has been such a great opportunity learning from her. If you have a competitive goal to reach there is no doubt Margaret can get you there, and further.

(Client requests to remain anonymous)